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Rachael Rosen, LCSW, BCD, CST
Specializes in: Certified Sex Therapist, Fertility and Pregnancy Issues, Post-Partum Disorders, Marital Counseling and Coaching, Aging, Learning Disabilities, College Issues, Treating Women with Depression, Women’s Issues, Elder Care.

Rachael Dinkin Rosen, LCSW, BCD

Rachael Dinkin Rosen, LCSW, BCD, is a clinical social worker who graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with her BASW & MSW. She also taught at the University of Pittsburgh at both the undergraduate and graduate level in the School of Social Work.

She has extensive experience working with women who have depression, anxiety disorders and ADHD. Ms. Rosen has a special interest in working with pregnancy related issues, such as post-partum disorders, substance abuse, and adjustment issues for new mothers and fathers. In addition, she has extensive experience with adolescents, as well as placement issues for the elderly and their families. Furthermore, she also works with couples, which she really enjoys.

Ms. Rosen works with women, men and families in transitions – for example becoming a new mother or father either biologically, or thru adoption; menopause and dealing with how you move through these emotional and physical changes; when you go from being a couple to becoming parents; life events, their effects, and related problems that may come up, and how families change when children leave for college. She has also provided pre-marital couples sessions.

Families experience many ups and downs, and Ms. Rosen is available to help them move through the changes and learn how to adapt.

Ms. Rosen has also done many workshops in the past on women, depression, and family issues. She is available to lead similar workshops or to speak with physicians, nurses, and health care organizations on these topics.

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