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Preschool & Middle Childhood Disorders


  • Oppositional Behavior
  • Aggression
  • Attention Problems
  • Sleeping and Eating Disorders
  • Fears and Anxiety
  • Depression
  • School Related Problems
  • Family Stress
  • Developmental Disabilities & Delays
  • Self-control Problems
  • Bowel and Bladder Control Difficulties
  • Excessive Shyness and Social Withdrawal
  • Social and Communication Skills Difficulties
  • Stress and Adjustment Problems

These are behavioral and emotional difficulties emerging during the preschool and elementary school years, spanning approximately the ages of two to twelve.

What Kinds of Treatments are Generally Recommended?

A thorough evaluation of the child’s difficulties provides a solid basis for therapeutic interventions.

Our treatment approach to early and middle childhood disorders is integrative:

We coordinate diverse treatment modalities to suit each case in order to gain optimal therapeutic effectiveness.

Our interventions are tailored to the particular needs and unique concerns of individual children and their families.

At times, consultations are indicated as part of a child’s treatment. Teacher consultations, meant to facilitate school or daycare adjustment, are the most common.

Why a Specialty Approach to Early and Middle Childhood Disorders?

Specialization allows for a comprehensive approach to the problems and developmental concerns of this age group. Since children in this age range are still closely tied to their parents, many changes can be directly effected by the parents.

This means that, most of the time, parental involvement is part of treatment.

Today’s children and parents encounter many major life stressors. This makes parenting more difficult and complex. Children in early and middle childhood find it difficult to put their needs and concerns into words. This can make it hard, even for the most caring parent, to help a child who is distressed.

A natural means of communication and therapy for this age group is found in play, games, art, and stories.

Psychological Assessment


  • Intelligence, Neuropsychological & Personality Testing from Preschool Age through Adulthood